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This comprehensive web page provides NYC DOE Email Login information, password reset services and the NYC doe payroll portal with Microsoft 365 outlook.

If you are a School Principal or delegate associated with any New York City school, creating an email account through the DOE (Department of Education) is simple and hassle-free.

On this page, we have all the details about NYCDOE email. With our login guide for web portal and Outlook 365, as well as answering questions related to Education department of New York which may help contact officials, you’re sure to find everything you need here. So without further delay, let’s dive in and learn more!


For teachers working in NYC public schools, the NTF Candidate network (New Teacher Finder) offers an efficient online system that enables school principals to search and identify top candidate teachers.

DOE Email

Candidates applying through an online system must pass the eligibility screen test and demonstrate their serious commitment and interest – these are essential qualifications for teacher candidates.

DOE Email

The New Teacher Finder online system is only accessible by School Support Organizations, HR Directors and School Principals.

The New Teacher Finder (NTF) online system assists School Principals in recruiting Lab Specialists.

Attendance teachers, school secretaries, school psychologists, school social workers, guidance counselors and speech therapists are some of the professionals responsible for maintaining student attendance in schools.

NOTE: School principals are aware that internal school teachers can be found and identified through the Open Market Transfer System.

You can register as either a First Time User or Returning User under the New Teacher Finder portal to prepare for teacher recruitment in the near future.

First Time User

As we all know, all services require creating an account before logging in. Therefore, if you are new to ail then it is recommended that you create an account. So if you are first time user then just follow these simple steps to do so:-

Please click on the First Time User button to create an email account with DOE (Department of Education).

First, you need to enter your Username which should be default set at NYC DOE (New York City – Department of Education) Outlook login.

Your email address format will then be [email protected], including all required fields.

Your DOE account’s registered email address will be ho[email protected] and the username will be “david”.

Your initial password for a DOE Email account will be your username. For example, the initial password of this account is david.

After entering your password, click on the Submit button to gain access to your DOE Email account. You will now be prompted to create a new password for your security.

To complete the password entry, type it into both Password and Confirm Password fields before clicking ‘Ok’.

Once updated, you will see a pop-up message confirming that your DOE Email account password has been successfully updated. In order to log on to your newly secured DOE account, use the new password as soon as possible.

Returning Users

After creating a new account, you can access it anytime. All that’s required is for you to remember your email and password – simply fill them in the appropriate boxes and login.

If you had previously created a DOE login email account and accessed the NTF (New Teacher Finder) portal, please ensure your login information remains unchanged and continue with the login process.

Enter your Username as NYC DOE (New York City – Department of Education) Outlook login. For example, david would be an appropriate username.

You may use NTF (New Teacher Finder) portal password to log into your DOE email account.

If you forget your account password or it mismatches, contact your IT department for assistance.

Click on the “Forgot Password” link to retrieve your new DOE account password.

NOTE: HR Directors only can request password reset assistance by sending an email to [email protected] at this address.


School principals in Non-government schools cannot create their own accounts. On the other hand, those leading NYC public schools have access to both a DOE Email outlook 365 and an online account for their staff members.

School Principals or any delegate related to their school can create DOE email accounts for school staff members. Before creating such an account, please ensure the user already has an active DOE account.

If you discover that the school staff already has a DOE account for your school, then you can reactivate or reset its password. Please do not create a new account just yet for school staff members.

How do I create a DOE account?

If you don’t already have an account, creating one is simple! Just follow our first-time user guide or our easy steps below…

  1. Please follow these steps to create a new DOE account:
  2. Logging to the DOE Extranet portal requires pressing on the SMU icon (please reach out to the PRC team if the icon isn’t available). Next, select Staff Management from the menu and choose Non-Gov – Add Staff.
  3. Please fill out all mandatory fields on the current page and click “Authorize”.
  4. Once the process is complete, you will receive a pop-up message indicating whether the operation was successful or unsuccessful. If the account has been created successfully, an email will be sent to both registrants or principals with all pertinent details.

Additionally, an activation email will be sent to the user’s registered email address on the server informing them of their DOE User information and providing a link to activate their account.

DOE email, 365 outlook office

Once an account is created, the school principal must grant staff members privileges to visit PRC website and log in with email 365 outlook office using the same method.

Follow the above-described method to access your doe email using Microsoft Office 365.

NYC DOE Email Login Process

To access the Extranet Portal, Please enter your Username and Password.

  • Click the Login button to log into your DOE account.
  • Login Process
  • If you have forgotten your account password, simply click the Forgotten password link at the bottom of the page to retrieve it.
  • Resetting your NYC DOE email password has never been so simple! Use the secret answer option to answer at least three questions that were set up previously in order to retrieve your new account password.

If you have not created the secret answers option previously, contact the PRC team with your DOE account username to reset the password. Now your NYCDOE login has been cleared in just a few steps; any queries regarding nycdoe login please comment below.

NYC DOE – Email, 365 and Other Support Provided

If you’re still facing problems logging in or doing email 365 with Outlook Office, here’s how you can contact the official staff with ease.

  • You can create a ticket to get support.
  • If you need any other help, select the appropriate option on this page for support.
  • NYC DOE Support Phone Support (718) 935-5100
  • Chat Support Timing Friday 6:00am-5:00am
NYC DOE Support
Phone Support (718) 935-5100
Chat Support Timing Friday 6:00 am to 5:00 pm
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You can get more support from official websites for parents, students and portals alike.

NYC DOE Payroll Portal

Every education department should have a portal which can provide online access to various items like the latest updates, wages info, announcements, applications and forms and more. With this type of platform in place, departments are able to stay informed on important matters that affect students’ learning experiences.

NYC DOE payroll portal login for UFT Members can be extremely beneficial. To access it, just follow these simple steps listed below:

  • NYC DOE Payroll portal

First open this webpage – it should look similar to the image above –

Now navigate the login option by clicking “sign in.” Simply fill in your Outlook user and password then click Log In and complete registration!

UFT teachers email is now active!

Friends, the information above provides you with full access to the department.

We have provided helpful links where you can obtain useful information regarding the DOE email payroll portal and other related guides related to DOE email.

If you find any link or concept while searching for payroll portal nyc doe and not finding it in this post, please let us know.


This unofficial user guide can assist users with webmail login.

This information is only for educational purposes; for legal advice always check the official website or call their helpline numbers for assistance. Many thanks!

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers that NYC users ask us. If you have any further inquiries, feel free to comment below or reach out via our Contact page –

How do I access my Doe email?

In the previous paragraph, we detailed a comprehensive method; however, you can partially follow this outline:-

First, open the self-service portal of DOE and log in using your user name.

To recover your account, fill in a security question using the option found on the dropdown.

Are you human? Just verify with CAPTCHA before clicking Reset Password.

Answer all security questions provided to reset password, add it, then submit. That’s it! Now it should look like this: Reset Password = Answer your security questions + add password + submit. That’s it!

How can I contact the NYC DOE?

If our post has not addressed all your problems, feel free to reach out directly to HR Connect by dialing 718-935-4000.

What is my NYC DOE email address?

Your email username will remain the same as all other accounts; therefore, your user name will be DOE email without the @ sign. cannot be altered once submitted.

Users will have unique identities, so you cannot edit once you create a username for your webmail.

How to reset my Doe email password?

Recovering login credentials can be a tedious task. But with these simple tricks, it’s possible to quickly and easily retrieve them.

Unfortunately, if you forget your DOE email password, there are steps you can take to recover it:-

To reset a password using DOE’s self-service portal, all you have to do is log in with your unique username. After filling in the CAPTCHA and verifying it, click “Reset Password.”

  • Provide the following information: employee ID number, last name with birthdate.
  • Now click ‘next’.
  • After doing this, reset your password if needed.

How do I obtain a NYC DOE ID?

At HR Connect’s Walk-In Center at 65 Court Street in Brooklyn, you can obtain your NYC DOE ID by filling out the required form with photo identification.

NYC Doe Employee Discounts

NYC Department of Employment offers numerous promotions and discounts to its employees. For instance, 15% discount is given on mobile, plus numerous other small businesses such as gas stations.

Although this information is subject to change, you can check the official announcement for the most up-to-date employee discounts. Unfortunately, there is no further update available, so we suggest consulting the announcement for all details.

NYCDOE Stars Access

Unfortunately, no further information has been shared regarding NYCDOE stars access. In order to contact an official representative, please dial either customer care or helpline number.

It is best to get the correct and concise information. Our helpline numbers can be found in the above paragraph of our blog post.

For further details, you can check out their official website which provides more in-depth data.


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